The only thing that makes democracy collapse is if we give up.

How to respond. You seem to be holding on to some essence of what the US was before Trump. What exactly was that? Is it any different than Trump’s MAGA slogan. Are we who are the never Trumpers also pining for some past that was better?

Seriously, we as the never Trumpers have everything we need to move forward. We now know what 42% of the adults (those who approve of Trump) in the US are looking for — a fascist white-supremists judeo-christian (to use Barrs words) male dictator. They were always there. They just came out of the closet.

We also know that about 54% of the adult population disapprove of Trump. We are looking for a Federal government that represents both the demographics of the US and has representatives that align with politics of the population. Simple issues. President needs to be elected by a majority of the vote. We still need a Senate that is representative of states. But all judges and cabinet members should either be confirmed by the house (which is representative of the population) or in the case of the Supreme court, they should be confirmed by popular vote.

The bottom line, democracies don’t just exist. We need to fight constantly to make sure the government doesn’t focus on its own survival. Both Republicans and Democratic politicians have fallen into focusing on maintaining the system for their own survival. That predates Trump.

We as the a majority of the adult citizens who disapprove of Trump and all of the population who agree that the federal government is broken (here we have common ground with Trump supporters), need to restructure our federal government. That happens by redoing the constitution to deal with structural issues we know are causing the problem.

A radical proposal. But wasn’t democracy in itself always a radical proposal. Time to get back to work on moving to the next level. Not give up.

Passionate about the promoting the concept of “freedom to”.

Passionate about the promoting the concept of “freedom to”.